10x 20x Çift Lens ile Yüksek Çözünürlüklü Cep Takı Büyüteç Taşınabilir Büyüteç için Teftiş Paraları Pullar MG22181

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10x 20x High-Definition Pocket Jewelry Magnifier with Double Lens Portable Magnifying Glass for Inspecting Coins Stamps MG22181
This magnifying glass manufactured with fine workmanship features high-definition high magnifying power and excellent touch. Its small body can easily slip into pocket.
Material: metal, glass lens
Magnification: 20 times, 10 times
Mirror diameter: about 18MM/0.71in, 12MM/0.47in
Size: about 90 * 21 * 13mm/3.54 * 0.83 * 0.51in (unfolded), about 52 * 21 * 13mm/2.05 * 0.83 * 0.51in (folded)
Usage: field study, domestic use, can also be used to identify jade, coins, jewelry, porcelain, bronze, stamps, antiques and so on.
Instructions: Use you right hand to hold the magnifying glass with its lens parallel to the line of sight( the ideal distance is 10mm), use your left hand to grip objects with facing the light, gradually close to the lens to find the best observation position, so that you can see things clearly

  • Açıklama
  • Değerlendirmeler
  • boyut: about 90 * 21 * 13mm
  • Model Numarası: MG22181
  • stil: El
  • malzeme: Maden
  • Marka Adı: ANENG
  • ışık kaynağı: Hiçbiri
  • Işık ile Veya Değil: Hiçbir
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Type: Pocket Magnifier
  • Objective Diameter: 12mm 18mm
  • Material: Mental / Glass

  • Birim Tipi: parça
  • Paket Boyutu: 10cm x 6cm x 3cm (3.94in x 2.36in x 1.18in)